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7 Tips to Choose a Reliable Casino

The Internet is a wonderful breeding ground for all kinds of crooks and swindlers. This also applies to gambling sites. Among the huge range of gambling sites only a few meet the criteria of real quality casinos. If you are looking for the most honest casino for real money, it is advised to adhere to certain rules.


Start evaluating an online casino by looking at how well designed the site is and how much content can be found on it. The assortment of slots plays a very important role. Scammers do not splurge on decent design of the playground and its filling with a large number of different games. At 22Bet, a large selection of slots, a nice design and a large number of informative articles speak of the high quality of the institution. Previously, we have already considered the best slot machine sites.


Check the traffic to the site. Fraudulent sites can’t boast a large number of visitors. The most honest online casino will attract many players.



The most honest casino reviews from players on third-party resources will help substantially. Never read what they write on the forum or social networking group of the casino. This is obviously biased information. Use independent sites, such as ours. Ratings of institutions, the opinion of the audience and expert advice will help determine which casino is the most honest.


Look carefully at the latest publications on the site. If the last date of their placement indicates that the institution has not updated the information for a long time – do not trust such a playground. Quality casinos make updates every day.

Payment Methods

Particular attention should be paid to the account management system. If you can deposit and withdraw money in only two or three ways, you are cheaters. Large popular casinos work with dozens of payment systems for the convenience of players.


Try to risk $5 or $10. Put them in your account and play the slot machine at small stakes. If your balance is not long enough, there is nothing to do on this site. The most honest online casinos have an implicit rule, according to which the profit of the institution should be 10-15 cents from each client dollar. Percentage return on most slots in reliable casinos is as much as 95%.


Carefully read the rules of the casino! The most honest casinos online for rubles do not place restrictions on the withdrawal of money from the player’s account. If you see clear obstacles to the withdrawal of funds, leave this site.


These seven simple rules will help you navigate in the world of gambling and choose a quality playground. The main thing is not to lose your head at the sight of solid promises and carefully check everything. If you do not want to take a long time to figure it out yourself, use the links to our partners on the main page of the site. These are honest and trusted casinos trusted by millions of players.

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