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Title:A Year and a Day in Old Theradane
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(Rating: 4.39 - 347 votes)
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Scott Lynch A Year and a Day in Old Theradane

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The Underground Railroad

Colson WhiteheadCora is a slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia. Life is hellish for all the slaves but especially bad for Cora; an outcast even among her fellow Africans, she is coming into womanhood - where even greater pain awaits. When Caesar, a recent arrival from Virginia, tells her about the Underground Railroad, they decide to take a terrifying risk and escape. Matters do not go as planned and, though they manage to find a station and head north, they are being hunted.

In Whitehead's ingenious conception, the Underground Railroad is no mere metaphor - engineers and conductors operate a secret network of tracks and tunnels beneath the Southern soil. Cora and Caesar's first stop is South Carolina, in a city that initially seems like a haven - but the city's placid surface masks an insidious scheme designed for its black denizens. Even worse: Ridgeway, the relentless slave catcher, is close on their heels. Forced to flee again, Cora embarks on a harrowing flight, state by state, seeking true freedom.

As Whitehead brilliantly re-creates the unique terrors for black people in the pre-Civil War era, his narrative seamlessly weaves the saga of America from the brutal importation of Africans to the unfulfilled promises of the present day. The Underground Railroad is at once a kinetic adventure tale of one woman's ferocious will to escape the horrors of bondage and a shattering, powerful meditation on the history we all share.

En tillfällig lösning

Denise RudbergLisens liv är perfekt. Hon lever i ett lyckligt äktenskap, har en välartad dotter och karriären på pr-byrån pekar spikrakt uppåt.
Teddy lever en annan sorts dröm. Han är en sorglös, stormrik och arbetsskygg arvtagare vars största existentiella dilemma är vilken skinnklädsel han ska ha i sin nästa sportbil.
Under ett och samma dygn rämnar tillvaron för både Lisen och Teddy, och av en slump möts deras vägar. Dock förstår de sig inte alls på varandra. Lisen är stel och irriterande präktig, medan Teddy är självisk och häpnadsväckande ansvarslös. Sakta men säkert byggs emellertid en oväntad vänskap upp.
Under några omtumlande månader får vi följa deras historia från varsitt håll - vartannat kapitel är skrivet ur Lisens perspektiv och vartannat ur Teddys.

Boots and Buckles (Ugly Stick Saloon, #6)

Myla JacksonSometimes, a girl has to take more than one bull by the horns.

Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 6

Mona Daley has had her fill of rodeo cowboys. Especially after Grant Raleigh and his partner blew through town three years ago. A torrid affair, a promise to return, then...nothing.

Chalking it up to girl-in-every-town syndrome, she swore off buckle-bearing cowpokes and never looked back. Now she’s working nights at the Ugly Stick Saloon to make enough money to save her beauty salon.

Grant has plans for his return to Mona’s life, plans that include groveling at her feet for another chance. Except his roping partner, Sam Whitefeather, gets to her first—and it looks like they’ve hit it off.

If he thought Mona didn’t harbor feelings for him, Grant would be the decent guy, step aside, and let her be happy. But one look, one touch on the dance floor and he finds himself falling all over again. He’s determined to prove his sincerity and that he’s the better man for her. Even if it means squaring off in the hottest arena imaginable—the bedroom.

Warning: The rodeo’s coming to town and there’s nothing two hot cowboys can’t do with a rope, a willing woman, and a lot of imagination.

¿Quién es Jesús? (Preguntas Cruciales)

R.C. Sproul

¿Un fraude, un demente… o Dios encarnado?

Ninguna persona en la historia ha ocasionado evaluaciones tan diametralmente divergentes como Jesús de Nazaret. Algunos dicen que él fue un astuto fraude, mientras que otros dicen que no debe haber estado en sus cabales. En muchos casos, su historia ha sido alterada para adaptarse a las fantasías de quienes intentan convertirlo en aliado de un sinnúmero de causas militantes.

عداء الطائرة الورقية

Khaled Hosseiniنبذة الناشر: عداء الطائرة الورقية عمل روائي لا ينسى يصحبنا في رحلة إلى أفغانستان منذ أواخر العصر الملكي وحتى صعود حركة طالبان واستيلائها على الحكم. إنها قصة صداقة تنشأ بين صبيين يشبان معًا في كابول، في دار واحدة، ولكن في عالمين مختلفين. فأمير هو ابن رجل أعمال ثري، أما حسن فهو ابن خادمهم الذي ينتمي إلى الهزاره، الأقلية العرقية المنبوذة. ولكن عندما يغزو السوفييت أفغانستان، ويهرب أمير ووالده من البلاد بحثًا عن حياة جديدة في الولايات المتحدة، ويظن أمير أنه نجح أخيرًا في الفرار من السر الذي يؤرقه، تعود ذكرى حسن لتطارده. عداء الطائرة الورقية رواية عن الصداقة، والخيانة، وثمن الوفاء. إنها رواية عن الروابط بين الآباء والأبناء، عن الحقيقية التي تتكشف مهما حاول الناس إخفاءها، تصف لنا ثراء الثقافة وجمال الطبيعة في بلاد صارت خرابًا. لكن مع الدمار، يمنحنا خالد حسيني الأمل، من خلال إيمان الرواية بقوة القراءة والحكي، ومن خلال الدرب المفتوح للتكفير عن الذنوب.

A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy

Miyamoto MusashiMiyamoto Musashi fue el más célebre de los guerreros (samurais) japoneses. En este texto presenta su modelo filosófico de vida a caballo entre el Zen y la religión Shinto, enlazándolo con todo un conjunto de técnicas de espada (kendo). Edición ilustrada.

Mail Order Merry (Brides of Beckham, #19)

Kirsten Osbourne*** This book was previously published in an anthology. Please make sure you don’t already have it before purchasing again. ***
Merry Winters wants something more out of life, but she feels beholden to her sister and brother-in-law, who have given her a home for the past four years. When a fire takes their lives, and leads her with their two young children to raise, she agrees to move to Montana to be a mail order bride as long as she can keep running her business.

Clyde Bellman has a plan for his life, and he’s at the point where that plan calls for a wife. He sends a letter to a matchmaker in Massachusetts hoping for a strong, independent bride. When Merry arrives with two young children in tow, he knows he needs to be the best uncle the two children have ever seen. Can he help his new bride to overcome her sadness and become a good wife? Or will he spend the rest of his life hoping for love that will never come?

Pakistan Studies

Muhammad Raza KazmiThis text covers the syllabi prescribed by the major public sector universities in Pakistan. The book provides a complete overview of the historical background and political development of Pakistan, the breakup of 1971, and the nuclearization of Pakistan. The foreign relations section deals with the role of world powers during the wars fought by Pakistan and Pakistan's relations with South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. The economy and culture of Pakistan are also covered in great detail.

Happy People Read and Drink Coffee

Agnès Martin-LugandDiane seems to have the perfect life. She is a wife, a mother, and the owner of Happy People Read and Drink Coffee, a cozy literary cafe in Paris. But when she suddenly loses her beloved husband and daughter in a tragic car accident, the world as she knows it instantly vanishes. Trapped and haunted by her memories, Diane retreats from friends and family, unable and unwilling to move forward.
But one year later, Diane shocks her loved ones and makes the surprising decision to move to a small town on the Irish coast, finally determined to heal and rebuild her life alone—until she meets Edward, the attractive yet taciturn Irish photographer who lives next door. At first abrasive and unwelcoming, Edward initially resents Diane’s intrusion into his life of solitude . . . until he can no longer keep her at arm’s length, and they fall into a surprising and tumultuous romance. But will it last when Diane leaves Ireland, and Edward, for the home she once ran away from in Paris? At once heartbreaking and uplifting, Diane’s story is deeply felt, reminding us that love remembered is love enduring.

Inte riktigt enligt plan

Denise RudbergPaula ska bli välgörenhetsarbetare, eller möjligen lärare. Hon har inte riktigt bestämt sig än men eftersom hon närmar sig 40 börjar det bli dags att sluta leva på pappas pengar.
Tom är en brottmålsadvokat som förgäves försöker få omvärlden att glömma att han har ett förflutet som barnstjärna.BR> På ett storslaget bröllop träffas Paula och Tom för första gången och det uppstår en omisskännlig kemi mellan dem. Problemet är att det är Paulas bröllop - och att brudgummen är Toms studentkamrat. Förutsättningarna för en eventuell kärleksrelation är alltså usla. Och ödet ser till att göra oddsen ännu sämre. Men trots det har både Tom och Paula svårt att släppa tanken på varandra.
Under ett ovanligt händelserikt år får vi följa deras historia från varsitt håll - vartannat kapitel är skrivet ur Paulas perspektiv och vartannat ur Toms.

Strangers with Known Faces

Gautam DuttaRajat, Meenakshi, Sadaaf, Amol, and Shanaya are five University students with nothing in common- who should never have met in the first place. They meet after winning a lucky draw- the prize of which was to take part in a puzzle game. Though the game was engrossing, they were unable to solve the puzzle in the stipulated time. However, this lead to the beginning of a deep friendship between them. Their friendship blossomed. But ego and misunderstanding led to an acrimonious break up. They meet again- two decades later- when Shanaya is murdered, and the other four are suspects. The four soon realize that in spite of being estranged for so many years, there were unknown ties that bound them- ties of treachery, deceit, and subterfuge. Ties that have led them to come together in circumstances that no one could have foreseen. And the game that they had left incomplete two decades back has to be played yet again – on a much bigger canvas. Now they have to trust each other, clear their names, and get to the bottom of the mystery, which threatens not only their lives and relationships, but also the fabric of democratic India. As their travels and travails continue, they discover hitherto unknown facets of the people around them, as well as their own selves. Can they succeed in resolving the puzzle this time? Or is history doomed to repeat itself? As hidden aspects of the human personality are revealed, they realize that no one is what he or she appears to be. For the world comprises of ‘Strangers With Known Faces’.

รักมันมัน อเมริกันเกิร์ล

Meg Cabotความจริงสิบอย่าง เกี่ยวกับซาแมนธา เมดิสัน
๑๐. เธอเป็นเด็กสาวที่แสนจะธรรมดา
๙. ซึ่งบังเอิญมีพี่สาวเป็นเชียร์ลีดเดอร์ มีน้องสาวเป็นอัจฉริยะที่มีใบรับรอง
๘. และกำลังสงสัยว่าตัวเองจะเป็น เด็กหลง
๗. ซาแมนธารักศิลปะ และมีกิจการย่อยๆ
รับวาดรูป เฟรดดี้ พริ้นซ์ จูเนียร์ กับใครก็ได้ ในท่าไหนก็ได้
๖. และในห้องเรียนศิลปะนั่นเอง เธอได้มาเจอหนุ่มน้อยสุดหล่อ
๕. แล้ววันหนึ่งซาแมนธาก็เข้าไปพัวพันกับเหตุการณ์สำคัญโดยไม่ได้ตั้งใจ
๔. แต่เธออยากให้ทุกอย่างเป็นแบบเดิมมากกว่า
๒. นั่งรถประจำทางไปโรงเรียนเองยังไม่ได้
และความจริงที่สำคัญที่สุดที่อาจทำให้ชีวิตของซาแมนธาเปลี่ยนไปคือ :
๑. เธอรู้แล้วว่าเคยเห็นเด็กผู้ชายหน้าคุ้นๆคนนั้นที่ไหน...

Turtles All the Way Down

John GreenSixteen-year-old Aza never intended to pursue the mystery of fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett, but there’s a hundred-thousand-dollar reward at stake and her Best and Most Fearless Friend, Daisy, is eager to investigate. So together, they navigate the short distance and broad divides that separate them from Russell Pickett’s son, Davis.

Aza is trying. She is trying to be a good daughter, a good friend, a good student, and maybe even a good detective, while also living within the ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts.

In his long-awaited return, John Green, the acclaimed, award-winning author of Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars, shares Aza’s story with shattering, unflinching clarity in this brilliant novel of love, resilience, and the power of lifelong friendship.
Happy People Read and Drink Coffee, Inte riktigt enligt plan, , Mail Order Merry (Brides of Beckham, #19), Strangers with Known Faces, Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian Christianity, The Christmas Surprise : A Billionaire Single Daddy Romance, Pakistan Studies, A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy, Turtles All the Way Down, , Quin es Jess? (Preguntas Cruciales), En tillfllig lsning, The Underground Railroad, Boots and Buckles (Ugly Stick Saloon, #6), Adultolescence